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Similar to other aspects of society, many criminal justice systems are unjust; they are an extension of the power held by sovereign states or certain individuals. Each year, many innocents end up behind bars mainly due to poor defense lawyering, eyewitness misidentification, false confessions, unvalidated forensic science, false accusation or government misconduct.

Based on a true story, this game tasks you to gather clues and decide which of three suspects should be charged guilty, all in 600 seconds. With no way of gaining a complete picture of the murder-rape case, will you be able to determine who the guilty one is?

Special Thanks: Prof Chaz Evans, RTVF376 Spring'20 Class, 3D Warehouse, Pato, Zen & Ali

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Comments on the game would be very much appreciated! Thank you and may your heart and soul be filled with all the goodness in this world!

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